Filter Excel by date (Not older than 1 day)



Hi, I’m trying to filter an excel file by date.

Say a column has the name “ReceivedTime” and the values/dates in each cell are written in this format (dd-mm-yyyy) like for example “25-11-2017”. (Note they are written = string at this moment)

I want to filter it by 1 day so that i have only rows that are 1 day old.


“Name” "ReceivedTime"
Martin 25-11-2017
Ben 24-11-2017
Jay 23-11-2017

Should leave me with

“Name” "ReceivedTime"
Martin 25-11-2017
Ben 24-11-2017

i tried something like if ( ReceivedTime >= Now.AddDays(-1) ) but i didn’t work



I would like to do a similar filtering but in my Excel the date is in Date format.

Have you found a solution to your problem?