How Can I Facilitate Business Users Creating QueueItems?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a solution which will allow business users to create QueueItems with custom data. Does anyone have any advice for how to approach this?

The workflow is:

  1. Business user logs into application and generates a batch ID (this step cannot be automated)

  2. Business user creates a QueueItem containing the batch ID

  3. Robot works through the QueueItems, doing robot things to each batch ID.

There is a team of business users and thousands of batches created each month. I would like to give them a simple way to add their batch ID’s into the queue for processing.



You can create a ui path app and use add queue item in that and the users can input the batch id

Else if you have a power automate access then you can cretae a power app and they can give the details in app and you can run a power automate to add queue item using api


Hello @rpa_jay

There are multiple ways to handle this situation, some of them does not require additional license cost and on the other hand some need additional license cost.

  1. You can use the excel file and place it at common location (shared drive) and each business user insert the batch ID into that excel file. After that your robot (Dispatcher) will read that excel file and upload the data at queue.
  2. If process is not real time, business user can maintain the excel file and send that excel file over the email on the specific BOT email id, from there BOT will read the data and upload it at queue.
  3. As suggested by @Anil_G, you can use UiPath App
  4. If there are limited business users who are generating the batch ID, you can build the attended robot for them. Attended Bot will execute based on trigger and add the data into the queue.

Hope it helps!

Hi @rpa_jay

Use the QueueItem API: You could use the UiPath QueueItem API to allow business users to programmatically create QueueItems.

This would require some technical knowledge, but it would allow you to create a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing process.

Kaviyarasu N