Ability to create queue items or show queue info with app

We’ve been doing some more work front-ending our bots with apps recently, and two of the key things we want to do are:

  • to create queue items (either through an app event or by sending an HTTP request), to replace having to trigger a separate dispatcher process
  • return queue information such as number of transactions in queue with ‘New’ status, transaction references, etc.

Has anyone been able to achieve either of these things with UiPath apps? We could build something with PowerApps easily, but I’d like to keep things within the UiPath product suite if possible.



Yes, It can be done by building a unattended bot with HTTP request and choose your requirement

You can refer API document for creation and getting the queue information as below link


Hope this may help you


This requires the unattended bot to be available when the app is being used which is not always realistic in all situations.

Surely there should be a way that the app can interface directly with the orchestrator in order to create and manage queue items without the requirement for using a bot as an extra component. I am experiencing similar problem and the bots availability does not allow this solution to be implemented successfully.

Would there be any other solutions?


@Srini84 - I know these things can be achieved with an unattended bot, the question was can these things be done with a UiPath app without triggering a separate bot.


@Srini84 do you have any update regarding this matter