How can i Do?

Hello ,i want ask something how can xml to word in UiPath

please anyone say something what can i do help

To convert XML to Word documents in UiPath, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Read and Process XML: Start by reading the XML data you want to convert to a Word document. Use UiPath’s activities to read and manipulate the XML data as needed.
  2. Create Word Document: Use UiPath to create a new Word document or open an existing one where you want to insert the XML content.
    3.Insert XML Content: To insert XML content into the Word document, you can use the “Insert Text” or “Type Into” activities. Format the content as needed, such as setting font, style, and layout.
  3. Save the Word Document: After inserting the XML content, save the Word document using UiPath’s activities.
    5.Optional: Styling and Formatting: You can further format and style the Word document, adding headers, footers, tables, images, and other elements as necessary.
  4. Close Word: Close the Word application if it was opened during the process.
  5. Save or Send the Result: You can save the Word document to a specific location or send it via email or other means.



You can try with these custom components

  1. XML Conversion Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview

With this get the datatable and add that datatable to word using UiPath.word.activity package

  1. If u want to get the individual values and then prepare word document then use this activity in-house

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you can try this simple way

  1. Use “Read Text File” activity to read the XML data into a variable (e.g., xmlContent).
  2. Use “Start Process” activity to open Microsoft Word.
  3. Use “Type Into” activity to paste xmlContent into Word.
  4. Use “Send Hotkey” activity to save the Word document (e.g., Ctrl + S).
  5. Use “Close Application” activity to close Microsoft Word.


XML Conversion Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview


Hi @Neeraj_Gupta1 ,
You need convert .xml to word file?
UiPath can read .xml file
type value get from xml to word

  1. steps how can do??
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Refer this video
On how to convert xml to datatable and use that datatable

U can include word package and insert the datatable using this activity

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