How can I detect diferent types of objects that are located in the same place

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I am creating an automation that handles IT tickets, I have to check it’s state but I have a issue either I have a drop down list with several states or I have an unchangeable value when I run my automation when the value is the unchangeable value it works how it is supposed but if it finds a ticket which has the drop down list it stops and gives an error, how can I make it so that the automation considers both options as valid inputs?

Drop down:

unchangeable value:

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can you share with us :

  • The attributes shown in UiExplorer for each object.
  • The selector you are using.

the idea is to find a common selector between the two objects or to check which object exists in the current ticket and use the adequate selector based on that.

@Amine_Tazlaft for the drop down list:

for the unchangeable:

thing is on the page there are multiple types of windows like this one but the one i need to retrieve is this one on specific

It’s the same element. One is just disabled.

Don’t use the selector editor. Use Ui Explorer. It will show you all the properties that exist for these Ui elements. You will find that you can build a selector that recognizes the element whether it’s disabled or not.

Hello @postwick I am not sure if I have the necessary knowledge to do that yet, I’m kinda new to UiPath

Then you should do the free training on the UiPath Academy web site. It teaches you about selectors.

as @postwick said you should try to use UiExplorer, it should help you building a selector that works for both cases.

I highly advise you to do the training about selectors on UiPath Academy :

HELLO @goncalo.rocha for the problem you are facing.

1.use the uiexplore
2.get the property of the application which says enabled for dropdown and disabled for for the text area or property saying text Box and combo box.
3.based on the attribute value you can move forward reading the value

It’s the same element. What they need to do is build a selector that recognizes it regardless of it being enabled or disabled. They don’t need to know if it’s enabled or disabled.

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