How can i compare two excel files?

In Ben E file, I want to add last column named “Comment” and compare col no 16 from this to col no from other file and if “Invoice DC Unit Price”> “landed Cost” then under comment col in Ben E file I need to write as “Overcharged”.How can i get this done??“”"
Ben E. Keith Price Variance Detail (1).xlsx (106.6 KB)
2000194933-X071356.xls (5.6 MB)

Hi @aparna30

Check out this Video Link



If you want to compare excel files row by row, you need a unique data which is same in both two file to compare this two excel file.
Do you want to compare row by row or total amounts of “Invoice DC Unit Price” and “landed Cost” by brand?


Hello @aparna30

In your case are these 2 excels holding the data for some uniqueu id?

For example both excel are having same number of rows and each row corresponds to the other excels data. Is that the case here?