Compare excel table row by row

Hi all,

I have a question ,I want to compare the data(row by row) between two excel sheet.
I have tried but it doesn’t give the desire solution .
I am going to attach the file.
can you please check it.

pls help.5_17_19(comparison).xaml (22.9 KB)

Hi @arpita2,
You have many topics related to this problem. Please have a look at list with those which are solved:

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Hi @arpita2

After comparing what you have to do ??
Can you please share a sample excel file ??


hi @Vijay_Kumar_C.
I have shared my file pls check. after comparison of every row I just want to display in message box. row is same or row is different.
Pls help

Hey @arpita2

Attached Sample workflow. In your code you already check row and column count is similar or not in bot datatables. so you can use below code.

CompareExcel.xaml (9.0 KB)


@Vijay_Kumar_C thanks for your help .I have tried your solution .but when row is different . It show that row is same.

Hey @arpita2

Thank you for reply. Can you please share input file to me ?
so that i can check and give you proper solution.


CompareExcel.xaml (8.0 KB)

i have attached
pls check.
I need to check row one by one

@arpita2 - i am asking for Input Excel File where you have your input data.


samplefile2.xlsx (7.9 KB)

SampleFile.xlsx (9.3 KB)

this is excel file.

Hey @arpita2

Did few changes to your flow. now it will show message boxes for which row which cell value is equal. Please check it and let me know it is working or not.

5_17_19(comparison).xaml (24.2 KB)


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thanks @Vijay_Kumar_C.
I will check and let you know.
thanks once again

Hey @arpita2 - Is it working …??


yeah thanks @Vijay_Kumar_C
It is working now.
thank you so much for your help.

Great @arpita2
Please mark this thread as solved so that it will help others.


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