How can I check if I'm getting an error?

I’m developing a UiPath automation. When I click the “Save” button, if the selected time interval is not used in another recording, it creates a record. However, if it is used in another record, I get an error detailed in the image. and I need to choose a different time range. I can select different time periods with the down arrow key. But how can I check if I’m getting an error?

Hi @Arzu_Kaya,

There is an activity called element exist which is used to find an element, which is exist or not. You can indicate the element using this activity(on … Vehicle you have choosen being used) and create a variable on output field of this activity

And finally Use if activity and put the same output variable of the element exist activity. If the element exist on while running the automation( time range), it will redirect the flow into then block or else it will go to the else block

Hope it helps your issue


Hi @Arzu_Kaya

you can use the check app state activity


I couldn’t figure out how exactly should I use it in my project

Can you show me how to do this? i am a new student

You should use it to get the error element, based on that perform the action you need, as the image shows, the left side will be the action in case the element appear, it means the error appears, the right side will be if the error does not appear

but I want this to be repeated 5 times continuously. so every time i get this error, it should choose the below option. I can actually do this with a send hotkey, but I don’t know how to do the error checking and looping.