How can I change my name in the Academy?

Hello. I’d like to change my name on Academy, it’s wrong in all my certificates as well. That would be possible? My login in academy it’s with my company adress, lserapiao@…com. Ideally would be Leonardo Serapião (or Leonardo Serapiao without accent), in the system the name is Leonardo Serapi. Thanks!

This button was previously available (I have edited my information in the past), but I can now also not find it anymore! Another vendor on the market had the same issue. It’s not clear to me whether it is a bug or a decision to leave it out.

UiPath LMS is using Docebo for their LMS, here you can see the button (pencil shape) which I mean: Navigating Your Main Menu – Docebo Help & Support

Regarding your issue with the wrong name on the certificate: this needs manual intervention of UiPath. A new certificate with the new name is not generated when you change your name.