Ui Path Academy Certificates (In Courses)

Please, My Username is not my name and before i changed it. I took a certificate with a wrong name and i want to change it. Please help me.

Change in the name in academy details or raise the ticket in uipath support

I got the certificate before changing my username, but what do you mean by “raise the ticket”

or how could i do this?

If you need assistance contact uipath support team

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how can i contact them ?

Hi buddy

You can contact them through Contact Us and select CERTIFICATE in “What is your request related to”

Thank you

But I don’t mean CERTIFICATION, I meant the smaller ones.


Buddy, its diploma certificate.

I appreciate your help man but I mean when I take a 4-hour course I take a certificate.
this certificate has a wrong name

and please tell me the way to contact them directly.
Because they are asking too much data that i don’t know.

Just raise a ticket and UiPath Certificate Support team will help you out. Believe me I found UiPath Support most helpful.


ok I sent a ticket, but when will it be responded ?

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