How can I append CSV with its encoding


I have a scenario to merge loads of csv files into one so I’ve tried with [Read CSV] and [Write CSV] activities with encoding “shift-jis.” (Yes, it’s Japanese)

The first file creates a new file with its set encoding and the output is as expected but from the second file which are being appended to the the new file are somehow garbled.
(If I write it out to the output panel, it displays properly tho’.)

Does anyone know how to deal with this issue?

Dealing it with [Read Text File] and [Append Line] works beautifully although I still have to remove its header row by invoking methods like String.IndexOf and String.Substring but this also has an issue that huge csv file creating a long string occurs an exception and crashes the program in the middle of the execution…

I encounter the same problem.
I need to make csv in shift-jis but “Append to CSV” method does not work with shift-jis encoding.

I found that the proper encoding name is “shift_jis” according to this page

but still it doen’t work.

What should I do?

It seems that same scenario happens when I use the new “Append to CSV” activity. :cry:
Did you find out the root cause or did you just manipulate (ie. merge) the data table and save to a new CSV?

For future readers. I forgot to share our solution for this.

During initial creation of the file, use [Write to CSV] activity with Encoding=blank and then use [Append to CSV] activity with Encoding="shift-jis" for the next data.

To take note: For now, using [Append to CSV] activity to create and append Japanese data seems to not work properly. (I already registered a ticket to uipath zendesk.)