How can I add the OutlookStorage.Message Class to UiPath

Like the title says, I’d like to use the OutlookStorage.Message Class, but I’m not sure what I need to do to make it available in UiPath Studio.

Any ideas?


Hi @james.harvey

If you specifically need to use the OutlookStorage.Message class from an external library in UiPath, you might need to explore custom integration options, like creating a custom .NET library or using custom activities


Which ever library contains it you need to create a nupkg and add that


Hi @james.harvey ,

You could also let us know where have you used it, if you have already tried it outside the Studio, we can get the reference class or nuget file from that location, we can then add it to the UiPath Studio project using Manage Packages option.

I have not been able to use it anywhere at this point. I have found one article about it, and that’s it.

Reading an Outlook MSG File in C# - CodeProject

Any help would be appreciated, as this would greatly simplify many of my automation.