How can convert Text file to Excel file



i download Text file from FTP and i want ot convert to Excel file to get data yesterday data from that text but my issue i recive the text as shown below

and from this data i want to copy yesterday data like this

any one have solution for this or if i can convert this to Excel i think it will be easy to get the data


hi @Mohamed_Abbas

use UiPathTeam.FileConverter.Activities for converting the format of any file. you will have to install from manage package from uistudio and also find more information on below link.

Hope this will resolve your problem…happy learning :slight_smile:

#3 Hi, This package doesn’t contains activity for Converting from text file to excel.

Do you know any another package or activity for Converting from text file to excel.


Hi @Manjuts90

As of there is no activity to convert text to excel


hi @Manjuts90
U can read data from text file and write range in excel

#6 hi, data from text file will be in string format, as for as I know we can’t use string write range activity.


Hi @Manjuts90
Use Extract Structured data activity for this input is string and output is data table


hi @Manjuts90
We have below converter available
Doc to Docx
Docx to Doc
Word to PDF
Xlx to Xlsx
Xlsx to Xls

These are the formats available in the package that I am currently using :slight_smile:

#9 thanks


i solved this issue like i download the text file From FTP and saved AS csv then from csv converter to xlsx

and working with me fine as i want