How can be the OCR engine in uipath is improved

Hello Every one,
Can we improve the inbuilt in OCR or integrate some third party engine,
need some help.

Hi @prathamesh.c,

There are multiple popular OCR engines(Microsoft , Google, Abby) available and you may use anyone of them as per your needs.

You may play with the Scale Parameter that OCR engines have.

You may also make use of Invert Parameter as well.

As per my experience, different OCR Engines works well with different kind of Situations.

I would recommend to use try using OCR Engines and then figure out which one would suit your requirement.

You may follow the link for better insight on this.

Thank you @prassin6
But,All OCR engines Failed when it comes to read the table from the PDF.
is it possible to do so? @badita