How to use thrid party API OCR engine with UiPath

Dear Experts,

We are just entry to UiPath for a few days. We are testing various kinds of OCR engines for handwriting.

The question is that how can we use third party OCR engine except current available in UiPath.
Our OCR engine is Huawei OCR and we have that API. what we want to know is how can we get that API by programming or similar things in UiPath. Let me know if there any procedure to achieve this.
Many thanks for your help.

Yes, Just using Uipath web services activitie use HTTP Request actvity pass the API end point and other parameter to get the result from API and it’s gives the result as JSON Deserialize this json and get the output from that API

Hi Paras,

Many thanks for your help.
I will try this.

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Your Welcome @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn
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