How bot run in 2 different vms one input file in one vm and other input file in other vm


I have 2 input files

one input file related to xray and other input file is non xray records

I have to design single bot …i need to extract 4 columns from input file one and same columns from input file two and add those values into queue.

issue is–one vm has to trigger one input file for every 1 hr and other vm has to trigger other input file once in a day

how can we do that?

any sugession please help me out with solution

Thanks & regards


Use Queue item “Reference” property to achieve this. You can add “X-Ray” for the first input file items in the reference. And for the “non-X-Ray” items add reference as “Non-X-Ray”. While getting Transaction queue item you can use the reference to get the required item to be processed in that machine. we can make this from Config.xlsx

Hi @sarathi125 ,

Can you please elaborate