Can we read machines from config file

I have 2 input files in one bot

can one machine executes one input file and other machine executes other input file.

for that can we read machines from config file

is thier any solution for that please help me


you can to one thing when you run or schedule the bot there you can give argument so create different arguments for different bots and put conditions in init all settings xaml then you can achieve what you expected

Hi @Veera_Raj ,

I elaborate and explain you

i have 2 input excel files one for xray and other one for non-xray.

we move same columns with column names from xray and non-xray to queue

i have 2 virtual virtual machine is dedicated to run non-xray records which takes from queue and runs every and other vm is dynamic which will trigger daily 7 PM

how can both vm understand this input are from xray input file and nonxray input file

Please elaborate and explain the solution


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your every bot will be entry from main so there option or input with arguments if you have created arguments based on input you can give condition in read config you give different path , so create arguments in main and try like that