How to avoid file multiple bots picking up same input file/row

I have come across a blocker here.

  1. Hypothetically, lets assume we have a PDF file which we will be using as input as the automation will be basically uploading that input file to a web portal.
    If we have multiple bots to work on this automation, how can we avoid two bots reading the same file at the same time?

  2. Similarly, if it was a data row in an excel sheet instead of PDF, how can we tackle such a similar multi bot issue?

For the first, I had planned to have the bot move that input file to a separate folder called “Under processing” but there seems to be some issues with it.

@qwerty123, Sorry if you have thought it before,

Possibly you can use ORCHESTRATOR to achieve by Add Queue Item activity.
Pass the file path as Queue Item.

Dominic :slight_smile:

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Hi @qwerty123,

Push the value(PDF Path) to ORCHESTRATOR using Add Queue item, and get the value from the ORCHESTRATOR using get Transaction Item.
if you read from ORCHESTRATOR you can avoid multiple bots picking the same file.


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How do you stop from multiple bots adding this queue item at the same time?