Hot to get Id of the job started with StartJobs action?

I am able to start a job by calling StartJobs but the response doesn’t contain any information about the job added. Is there any way to get Id of the job?

Making a call to$orderby=CreationTime desc&$top=1 brings the last job added but it doesn’t seem that it’s the right solution.

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it will be fixed in the next 2017.1 Update and a list of jobid’s will be retrieved

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Hi there, How can I get The jobId with in the process workflow(from studio) that is started through Orchestrator API?

I am also wondering if it it’s possible to get the Job ID when a job started as it would help to retrieve the job logs for that run.

Suggestion if it’s possible, in the Queue Item, at Transaction level, it would be nice to be able to do a “Show Jobs” like what we do at schedule level to show all the jobs that have been linked to that queue item so that it’s easy for us to retrieve the job logs.

Hey @bulent
Did you get a solution for this. If yes then please share.