Hitting Error in Text Translation ML Skill

Hi Team

I am hitting following error in Text translation ML Skills:->

MLSkill Feature is not supported by the current Robot, note that you need v19.8 or higher to run MLSkill feature

The bot is working for other models like Text Comprehension etc.

I am using Enterprise

@sandeep.tech2009 it is weird that your other MLSkills are working fine except this if this is the issue.
Upgrade you uipath and the show me the screenshot of the error.

Hi Nashrah,

Not sure what do you mean by upgrade, i am on 21.2.00, so upgrade to latest release?

Screen shot:

@sandeep.tech2009 okay go to manage packages and update uipath.mlservices.activities package.

I already tried that, The latest ML service package has some other issues which you can see here:ML Skill - Unable to load retry - #12 by sandeep.tech2009

I had to downgrade my version to have the ML skills working , it started working until today for text translation, Is the text translation working for you?


@sandeep.tech2009 I have this version.
There is no version 19.8. Please show me your ml packages and as well as full uipath screen shot with error.

I am sorry where do you see 19.8? I am using 1.1.3, Check the screen shot below.

The issue got resolved by creating a fresh workflow. Not sure what was the cause, but now it got fixed automatically,

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