How to get the output of API call to an Excel file

I am trying to get details of string stored as a output of API call. I saved the output string as .xlsx file using Write Text File activity, I know that I am not doing the right approach, as I fairly new to UIPath, I am posting this question here.
The output string contains data for almost 2000 entries, each entry has 14 columns so when I open the Excel file the data is not present in one cell instead it is present in many rows and when check the character in each cell using LEN formula the value is 32759 in each row exactly .
So I assume that the string itself cannot handled such a length data or if it goes more 32759 it creates a new line.
I also tried to store the output string to a .txt file and copy that data manually and paste it in a new Excel file but then to it is the same as it is pasted in many rows.
My end objective is to get the data populated in an Excel file and use it in a loop.
The data contains sensitive info so it cannot be shared as well as the workflow.

Below is screen shot of output string covering the sensitive data.

Here is screenshot of the Sequence:


You already have a structured object than the JSON that is being returned in your call.

Use the Deserialize Json Activity to convert your callback to a JObject object.

If it is a JSON Object Array use the Deserialize Json Array activity With this activity you will already be able to Loop the lines obtained.

Hello David,
In this video I received a JArray via REST API and I deserialize this and print some element on-screen (you just need to write to EXCEL the values):

Cristian Negulescu