Get Json response from HTTP Request using API Key

Hi All,
I have a website link where I will be searching for a product. I need to know the category of this product. To get this, i need json response from HTTP REQUEST activity. I have an API Key for my email id from the website. Can anyone help me get the json response?

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@AparnaGP Welcome to the community!

  1. Install UiPath.web.activities in the studio
  2. Use HTTP Request to Get the information and store it in a variable
  3. Deserialize the HTTP Output
  4. Parse the JSON


Hi… Http Request activity having a wizard option to input variable to the API. please check the link for detailed info about all properties -

Hello Aparna,
In these videos, I do Oauth2 with multiple systems and you can see how I use the Keys that I received from servers:

Cristian negulescu