Debugging - currently executing activity not getting highlighted

Looks like we have some bug in Debug mode where the currently executing activity in the workflow is NOT getting highlighted (unless I put a breakpoint of a specific activity) as the process runs but only the application elements being interacted with. Not sure if this feature is intentionally removed but I hope not since this is very useful during development.

Hi @zell12, yes this is intended behavior and also a change in behavior starting with 18.3. Many of our users have been complaining about Highlighting because it gives no real benefit when ran at full speed - “when running at full speed it’s too fast”. When using slow step, users have been complaining - “when running with slow step, it’s too slow”. Other users said that they want debug execution to be as fast as normal run. But that speed was affected by the highlighting options. Some changes in behavior were made:

  • running with Slow Step was now adjusted to run at a faster but readable pace
  • when not using Slow Step, you don’t really need highlighting, at least not between breakpoints so no highlighting is shown if you are not using Slow Step
  • you can only configure what to actually highlight when using slow step - activities and UI Elements (browser, desktop apps etc)
  • elements and elements are still highlighted when using step into and step over, but not when hitting continue without Slow Step enabled

In the future, we plan to introduce multiple Slow Step speeds (or configurable speed). Please let me know if this makes sense or how would you improve this.