High Density Environment with Windows Server + Machine Templates

Hello All,

I wanted to pose this question for my windows servers that will use high density setting. Say I have 3 VMs that are all High Density. They are using the same machine template.

I have multiple user accounts with an unattended robot assigned to each using the individual domains.

For this case let’s say I have these users:

How would I know which VM is being used if I have to run unattended processes for all 4 robots? Because high density is enabled, wouldn’t one VM be running all 4 robot’s processes leaving the other two VMs unused?

Hi Pawel,

You’ve seemed to address Orchestrator related questions in the past very well and I didn’t see my question answered so far. Could you see how this situation works?

For example:
2 modern folders
1 machine template (5 available unattended runtimes allocated to it) - assigned to both folders
3 VMs using same machine key from above machine template. These are configured as high density.
4 Users allocated with 2 users per modern folder. They are all assigned an unattended robot with the robot roles.

Because the VMs are high density, couldn’t all 4 users be running their own processes in the same machine? When you select a process to run, you select the user but also select the machine template which contains 3 VMs. How would I know that the other two VMs arn’t running?

Another follow-up question is the creation of these 4 user accounts. I understand Orchestrator integrates into the org’s AD and you can add users that way through adding directory users. However I only want to create two, 1 for each modern folder. I would then need 2 more user accounts that have an unattended robot. Can I use the same AD account to create a local user in Orchestrator to run another process while the 1st one is running? I tried doing this in Orchestrator but when I went to the page to create an unattended robot for the user, it wouldn’t accept the same domain\Username as the first.
The error message: There already exists a floating robot for xxx\xxxx (#1001)
The pain point for us as an org is to create too many of these generic accounts in our AD.

Hi @Shawn_Ngoh_US_Tax,
Those are quite specific question. To be honest I don’t have such practice in terms of AD environment usage. I think you will get the most accurate answer for this by contacting with our Technical Support :slight_smile: