Hi Density Robot Configuration


We are trying to set up the High Density Robots and have followed a few documents including:

The question I can’t find the answer to, is where do we install and configure the high density robots? On the orchestrator server? Or on a separate Virtual server. We currently are able to run unattended jobs on a virtual server but not sure it’s performing as intended so starting again to see what we missed. Specifically, we can get multiple jobs to run unattended in the background, but only one job at a time in the foreground.

If I could get direction on “WHERE” to install the high density robots (orchestrator or not on orchestrator) that would be most helpfull.

Thank you

You shouldn’t have a robot installed on the same VM/server as the Orchestrator.
Install the robots in a separate Windows Server.

Thank you for validating this so that we know we are heading in the right direction.


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