High Availability Add on - one node is showing down in portal

Hi All,
Currently, I’m facing an issue in configuring the Redis HAA addon cluster. In my scenario I have created a master and 2 slave, where master and 1 slave is in one datacenter while another slave is in another datacenter. Port connectivity and every thing is in place but after configuring and while verifying on the portal I found one of my slave node showing down there and that again which is kept in another datacenter. Please see if anyone can help in solving this issue.

When you say ‘down’ the State of the Node shows Down, Fail, or some other status that is not “OK”?

I’ve fairly new to Redis myself, but found it pretty straight forward to setup and configure in the desired state we wanted, the biggest hurdle was around the initial nodes/share allocation during setup that was due to some local OS firewall conflicts which I posted here about it.

My biggest take away from it is to ensure that you have Network Routing, Network Firewall, and Local/OS Firewalls appropriately configured to allow communication between the nodes.

In order for someone to help you further, would probably need more information about the steps and configuration during your initial setup and any other details you can provide when checking on the state of the cluster/nodes/shared from the Web UI and RLAdmin CLI.

Do you still have the output from the HAA install script during your setup? Was there any errors or warning produced? Did you do any additional configuration outside of what UiPath has documented such as hardening your installation further?