Need help on Orchestrator HIGH AVAILABILITY ADD-ON

Hi Team,

I am installing Orchestrator HIGH AVAILABILITY ADD-ON as per the documentation

But while performing the installation steps on Secondary Node i’m getting below error:

Activating DB Replication…
Server: nginx
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 06:13:22 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 100
Connection: keep-alive

{“description”:“Not enough nodes to perform replication”,“error_code”:“replication_node_violation”}

Can someone please help me on this.

Vikas Kadam

Hi Vikas,
can you confirm the settings described in HW-& SW requirements?

Especially the Network part regarding firewall openings on machine level, but also within your network. Sometimes, there are default firewalls between machines in your corporate network, that need to be adjusted.

Gz kc

Thanks for response kc-x.

Yes, I went through with HW & SW requirements. We are testing now for development purpose in AWS but in future we will use it in Production as well. I have allowed all the ports mentioned in the documentation but still getting the same error.

Could you please suggest if I need to check anything else.

Vikas Kadam