Hide column

How to Hide the columns which are red in color

In the C row, what are the columns which are red need to be hided

Help with VBA code or any other method which works!!

have a look on this custom library:

it has a hideUnhide activity


Yeah… I am quite familiar with this activity…

The only thing here is we need to fed the column or row we need to hide…

Before, I am facing difficulties in obtaining the columns which are red in color

Same hiding the rows which are red … which I am done…
Unable to process same in column … facing issues in looping columns like ex: AA, AB etc

Do u have any idea ?

in my dark memory somewhere in the forum was a post about returning color & cell range info for a particular range. Just do a quick search. otherwise I would check/google research on how it can be done with invoke vba


Hi @Sweety_Girl

In the below thread i have mention the logic for the same for looping columns like eg AA, AB… etc and so on

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