Help for unhiding all hidden rows and columns

Hello, I want to unhide all rows and columns in an excel file to proceed to write range. But I want to automate it instead of manually unhiding the rows and columns that are hidden. I don’t have a certain parameter just unhide all possible hidden rows and columns.

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Check this

Hi @Paul_Vincent_Escorpizo
By using VB.NET code, you can achieve this easily. Try the below code

ExcelApplicationScope excelAppScope = new ExcelApplicationScope();

Open the Excel file and get the active worksheet

Unhide all hidden rows and columns in the active worksheet


thank u, I’m working on two excel file and has different sheet names although this seems much faster, either way I’ve already made a vba invoke code to unhide columns from (A:Z) using entry method parameter from the said activity for the sheet name and it works :smile: .

Thank u, but I’ve already done it. Also, the answer to my problem is in the 11:00 TimeStamp of the video but I’ve tweaked it a little so that it will take the sheetname from a variable in UiPath instead of putting it in array. :smiley:
The code I made is as shown; I have two of it because there’s two excel file that I need to unhide all rows and columns which the other has a unique sheet name.

Sub UnhideMultipleColumnTSys()
Sheets(“Sheet1”).Columns(“A:Z”).Hidden = False
End Sub

Sub UnhideMultipleColumnSF(sheetName As String)
Sheets(sheetName).Columns(“A:Z”).Hidden = False
End Sub

where sheetName is entry method parameter given in the properties of VBA invoke code activty to enter the data/sheetname from UiPath studio

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