Hiddenmembership visibility not working in Microsoft Teams Scope

In the CreateTeam activity included in the UiPath.MicrosoftTeams package v0.4.0, the value “HiddenVisibility” is not working.
This value is required when using the ‘educationClass’ template value. The constant TeamVisibilityType.HiddenMembership is indeed available for configuration in the Studio but it triggers an error when used:
Create Team: Code: BadRequest
Message: Failed to execute Templates backend request CreateTeamFromTemplateRequest. Request Url: https://teams.microsoft.com/fabric/emea/templates/api/team, Request Method: POST, Response Status Code: BadRequest, Response Headers: Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=2592000
x-operationid: …
x-telemetryid: …
X-MSEdge-Ref: …
Date: …
, ErrorMessage : {“errors”:[{“message”:"‘Team Definition. Visibility’ should be equal to ‘HiddenMembership’."}],“operationId”:"…"}

Any hint ? May this be a typo in the source code ?
Using other values such as Private or Public trigger the system to answer the same error.

Hi - currently the Graph API only allows public and private, even though the enum may include hidden. This is described on MSFT’s official documentation at Members - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs

Once Microsoft’s API allows values other than public/private, enabling this via the activity pack can be done, but for now are are gated by their API. I’ll update the docs on our end to make note of this.

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Indeed. However after successufl testing, MS Graph API “Create Team” does allow to create “educationClass” teams without specifying any value as visibility type. In that case they will default to “hiddenmembership”. Could the CreateTeam activity allow such behaviour (ie not sending any visibility type in the underlying API if not set in the properties, even for non-standard template values) ?

Yup, this is a known issue and a fix is being planned for near term release.

Hi - we released a new version of Microsoft Teams (0.5.1) which should fix this issue. Please let us know if this doesn’t work for your situation.



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