Plz check screen shot

plz check and how to send the data throgh gmail

do you want to take screen shoot and send it plzz add more details

@Shubham_Bidwai Do you have option to download these data as report file?

which scrren shot you need

client need same data format in gmail bady

I am asking do you want to take screen shot of this screen or you data to be scraped how do you need this in gmail

@Shubham_Bidwai do data scrapping and then save in dt
and use html tag to to create rows use dt outlook body if you need same format as in image or else dt can save in excel and send it as attachment

@Shubham_Bidwai Use table extraction activity to scrape all data from the page and attach it in body of email


  1. If there is a download option then download and send
  2. If you want as screenshots then you hvae an option to take screenshots
  3. Table extraction/data scrapping which extracts whole data into a datatable then you can write the data to excel and send it


Hello @Shubham_Bidwai

The best method is to send it as an attachment via email for that you can do as below.

    1. Use Table extraction to get the entire table data.
  • 2)Write Range activity to write to an excel
    1. Use Gmail activity and link your account
  • 4)Use Send Email activity and inside the activity select the file to attach.


thanks for the video link now after table extraction does not shown header in out plz help me for header

During the Table extraction there will be a preview button, can you check headers are also selected? If not try to select a little bit outside by including headers.


in preview header shown but after send mail does not shown

Try to write that to an excel and see whether the header is present or not. if it’s shown in the preview it should be available in the email as well.

If still not working, plz share a screenshot of the flow that you have created for better understanding.


Are you sending it as an attachment (file)? If yes, in the Write Range activity, have you selected the Add Header property?


write range activity in only in excel application scope

Not getting what you are telling? After the Table extraction, what are the other steps that you are doing?


after table extraction

i want header in my mail but can not shown