How to Extract Data Table to body mail

Hello to all,
I am relatively new to UiPath and I don’t have much experience.
Using scripts retrieved in the forum, I am assembling a bot that I would like to run independently.

Purpose of the project:

  • Entering multiple “panels” of a program, with web interface,
  • Extract data table of each panel.(column numbers, headers and different contents)
  • Write the result in an email.

I state that I am working step by step.
Certainly “incorrectly”, but for now I am doing what I can.

I made 3 workflows.

  • one to extract data and write to excel files.
  • other to concatenate the sheets and create a new merged excel.
  • another to send new excel sheet by email.

The problem is that when I combine the sheets
rows and columns are written horizontally.

I’d like to have the data of the three datatable one below the other,
including header.
It’s possible?

another question I asked myself is:

  • the passage from excel x to concatenate the datatable extracted with scraping, is it mandatory,
    or is there a direct way?

Thanks to all…

Hi, if you have 3 different data tables and you want to write them all to the same sheet, but one below the other (and keep them as tables), then you will need to use Write Range like this:

  1. Write Range first Data Table using default range
  2. Write Range second Data Table using range like: A+ (DataTable1.Rows.Count+3).ToString
  3. Write Range third Data Table using range like: A+ (DataTable1.Rows.Count+DataTable2.Rows.Count+6).ToString

There is no other easier way to use data scrapping and writing to excel, you will need to do like that…

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Such an obvious thing !!
It works!! Thank you so much.
Now I have to fix a couple of things in the table.

For example, the first table has 8 columns.
the second has 15.
Do you think it is possible to divide the second table into
a row of 8 and another of 7?

So as to have a preview in the email that is “compact”.

It is however a plus.
nice to have, but not essential.

Thanks again Bcorrea. :wink:

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For this you could use code like this to create two separate tables with the columns of a source one:
myTable1 = DataTable1.DefaultView.ToTable(True, "Column1", "Column2","Column3","Column4","Column5","Column6","Column7","Column8") myTable2 = DataTable1.DefaultView.ToTable(True, "Column9", "Column10","Column11","Column12","Column13","Column14","Column15")

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