Hi, I am bit frustrated with the lack of instructions

Hi, I am bit frustrated with the lack of instructions.

I was able to perform the first two steps, command to open the Double UI and open the excel file Robot Path. But, I am not sure where do I put the excel file? Do I drop this as an activity within the “Use Application” for the Double Interface? Or outside as a new activity?

Also, I have been in a loop with the next step which is Type into the “cash In” input field, the value from “Robot Path.xlsx”, cell B2. When I add the activity for “Type Into” what am I suppose to do? What I did was use the “Indicate target on screen” and added blank field as the target and the ‘Cash In’ as the anchor. I then type in text the value from cell B2 from the excel spreadsheet.

Am I doing this correctly, or am I really far off? I feel that it is not clear how and when are we suppose to add activities within the same “block” or when do we go outside of the “block”.



Hi, I think I figure it out! Although it was mostly by using a combination of logic and trial an error. The email went through as well.

The only issue I had is that the transaction number was not added to the file. When I use the drop-down of ‘Save To’ it doesn’t give me the Robot Path file as an option. I did a custom input and wrote the name of the file and the cell location. But still, the transaction was not saved to the file.



I placed the ERP and excel file in one block and Outlook in another block. Since the data has to be extracted to/from Excel and to/from ERP.

Hi Sam,

I agree with your comments. I feel like there is a lack of instruction…or at least a way we can see the answer so we can put the pieces together…

To input the Transaction # I used the “Get Text” action. It worked for me with that.

Good luck!

Thanks! Gook luck in week 2.

I agree. I even don’t know where to start: Where do I find the resource for opening the double UI app?

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Hi Mariele! Just unzip the file you downloaded, DoubleUI.zip, and just run the DoubleUI.exe file. There is no installation needed.

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Hello Bianca, o.k. thank you - I got it now. Two further general questions: 1) I don’t understand where exactly I should post the questions for example for week 3. I always find a “reply” button to questions of other people but where is the button for starting a new question? 2) I cannot open the solutions you integrated. After downloading and unzipping there are several files which either just show some elements of screenshots or files which cannot be opened at all.

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I can answer this one :slight_smile:

You can simply go to the #learn:reboot-your-skills category and create a New Topic there. Look for this button: