HumanRobot Path - Stuck trying to indicate the Excel cell for Double UI -> Cash In


I’m unable to “Confirm” the B2 cell selection. I click on it but UiPath doesn’t “select” it. These are the steps I’m following from 1 thru 3, up to where I select the “Cash In” anchor in the Double UI

and then, I’m trying to select the B2 cell in the RobotPath.xlsx, click on “Confirm” (button does come down and up) but that’s it, the window is not closed nor the field in the bot filled out.

Thanks a lot!

As an additional note, the excel file now seems to be “stuck” or “locked” by UiPath, but no matter what I do (close UiPath, close the Excel fille, restart my laptop…), it doesn’t get released (it remains in the same state as the last screen), unless I delete the Robot Path.xlsx file altogether…

Thanks again.