Cannot Download Attachment from System Generated Emails

I have an email from a system generated job which has a report attached to it (csv format). I have setup the activities for the GSuite Application Scope, getting the email and saved the attachments. However, there are not attachments recognised by UiPath even though there is an attachment when viewing from gmail. I am sure that the activities are correctly setup as I have successfully saved attachments from other emails, just not this one from a specific system.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Nicholas_Doss

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Could you provide more information about the specifics of this email and its attachment? Any chance you have figured out what is the difference between this emails and the others?

Does it work (although a silly workaround) to resend the email to yourself and try to extract the attachment afterwards?

Hi @loginerror

The email is automatically sent to a Corporate Gmail inbox each morning, it contains a report in the .csv format which is used by UiPath to provide the data to run the process. I have analysed the email and it is not an illegal email. If I forward the email to myself or have someone else forward the email, the attachment is still not recognised by UiPath, however if i create an identical email with the same attachment and send it to myself, it will work.

It appears to be that the emails from this particular system with attachments are not recognised.

Thank you

Hi both,

Please let me know if you figure out this issue, as I’m facing the same thing - I’m able to download a specified number of emails and then using a for each loop download the attachments.

What I found is that if the email was sent directly to me, UiPath’s ‘save attachments’ works perfectly; if the email was forwarded with the attachment, UiPath is not able to recognize the attachment.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Hi @korsountsevs,

I have not been able to solve this issue. Instead, we are going to use FTP rather than emails for this certain process. As the system which generates the report can export to FTP we will use this and it will fix my issue.

If you are using Gmail, i would suggest looking at some plugins which will save an attachment in your gmail inbox to your google drive. This can be automatically setup so then you make the bot look at your google drive for file X.

I hope this may work as a suitable workaround.