HI, can anyone pls help me with this error in templates that i get in Ui Path studio community edition

(The error I am encountering is in this Image) v

Hi @Ibrahim_Wafi

I think you are uploading template is encrypted with password. In this case it can’t process the document and throws this error.
Decrypt the Template means remove the password and try with that template.

I also faced the same issue and it’s solved by remove the password and uploaded the same template it works.

Hope it helps!!

hi @mkankatala icheked the document i trying to template with but there is no password on it and it still doesnt work

Try with upload the another document it has to be in pdf format. @Ibrahim_Wafi

itried with several other pdfs but it still doesnt work @mkankatala

Could you please create a new project with newly installed packages and then try.

If there is any package faults make some errors like that. @Ibrahim_Wafi