Data Extraction Scope: DocumentUnderstanding Server returned 504 (Gateway Timeout)

I’m getting this error in the Data Extraction Scope in the document understanding workflow. I’ve tried putting in the API key directly and increasing the timeout in the properties panel but still the error persists.

This didn’t occur when I had around 178 fields in my taxonomy. At that time, the workflow was running smoothly and I have gotten good output. But because I needed some extra data to be extracted, I added some fields in taxonomy, and updated the extraction template. Since then I have been getting the error.

If anyone knows how to resolve this issue please help.

Hi @Karasu

I don’t see any value under classification result.

Is it by mistake or you are not providing that deliberately?

After classification when you are trying to extract details , that should happen on classified results.


Its on purpose, I have only 1 type of document to classify. That’s why I have used the document type ID directly.

Hi @Karasu,

Thanks for details.

Looping in @Lahiru.Fernando for his inputs on this, he might be able to help.


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This could mean that UiPath needs more time to extract the given document. You can solve this by either adding a retry scope or a delay activity.