Hexadecimal parse error

I was doing my project and I didn’t notice that my laptop battery is low and my laptop just shut down. When I charged it and opened my project again. It is throwing me this error on my main file.


There are two more xaml files in the project those two are opening just fine but main file is causing this error

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Hello @Ishan_Shelke1 ,

Can you take a backup of the project and delete the project.json file and try to open the project again in UiPath.

Hey @Ishan_Shelke1

Please try opening the xaml file in notepad to see of there is any invalid !


Still the error is same.

It shows the error as document is invalid

Opening the file with notepad shows as empty

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Hello @Ishan_Shelke1 ,

I can see a similar post in forum. But the issue resolved by deleting the Project.json and reopening the project.

This didn’t work for me

Okay @Ishan_Shelke1

Then the main file got lost !

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