Help writing to CSV each loop rather than at completion of given range

Hey folks, really keen to get this sorted. Essentially I have a bot that extracts a row of data each time it searches a website portal for information using an identifier.

Currently, after it processes each row in the spreadsheet it will then write to the csv with all the data it has logged. It would work much better if it wrote to an csv/excel spreadsheet each time it gets a row of data, this way if it crashes while doing large amounts I will not need to run from the start.

Happy to provide xaml file :slight_smile:


Are you using the ReFramework for this? It is built to handle just such a scenario.

If a row fails due to an application crash it retains the row that was being processed, reloads the application and attempts to process it again.

Sorry for the slow response @ronanpeter! I haven’t heard of ReFramework, is it a package you can add to uipath? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Yes, when you start a new project, you can deploy the framework