ReFramework Automation doesn't write Excel cell correctly

My context is “the registered users on the webpage and save the Report Number when the register was Ok”.(image)

When the register is correct, I need to save the Report Number in each excel row corresponding to the register.
But only saves in the first row. (image). The next rows on blank also were successful.

I hope you can help me.

Hi @fcomorales.sanchez
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REFramework is just a blank framework to help you with a robust and self-correcting structure for exception handling and standard coding practices.
How your robot writes to Excel is dependent on how you’ve written the code in Process.xaml or workflows called from within.

Given that it’s only writing the first row, I suspect that your code to update excel may be in ‘End Process’ state. Since you want to update the excel for each row, you can do this in two ways:

  1. Maintain a datatable, updating the appropriate column using uniquely identifiable row
  2. Directly update excel at the end of each successful processing sequence (last thing you do in Process.xaml assuming everything else went successfully)

Hi @RPAForEveryone, thanks

I’ve tried this:
When “Message OK”, in write cell activity, I’ve set:

“F” + (in_TransactionNumber +1).ToString

with this, if I register the report number in different rows and errors.

It resulted easier that I had thinked

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Hey, that’s great news! Glad to be of assistance.
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Happy automation!

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