Help- won't click page tab 'File' in excel ribbon

Emma Ellis
October 03, 2016 19:38 NONE
Hi All,

I am new to using UI Path community and I have encountered several instances of steps executing perfectly and then just stopping working as expected. One in particular is clicking the ‘File’ tab of the ribbon in excel. I have recaptured several ways, multiple times and it is still not bringing up the following menu, even though I believe I see the clicking action taking place on screen. Any ideas on how to resolve this or why it would not be executing? (I have tried click text ‘FILE’, click image of File tab, and custom ‘Click page tab FILE’'). Appreciate any help!



Mihai Badita October 03, 2016 21:35
Try first different options for the click activity:

Simulate Click
Window Messages
None of them plus check the Activate property

Secondly make sure that the element is detected by adding a Highlight activity having the same selector as the click activity.

If these does not work upload the workflow somewhere so we can take a look.

So, this happened today: Excel Application Scopes have started opening Excel without the Ribbon. Looks like this:

Opening the file manually outside of UiPath results in normal Excel behavior, and earlier today (before 30 minutes ago) the Excel Application Scopes opened my files normally.

What could have possibly changed?



Any solution you found for this problem?


Here’s the answer: Excel remembers the ribbon setting that the user most recently activated.

So if the user prefers to hide the ribbon (and had it hidden when Excel was most recently used), then the Excel Application Scope will open all files with the ribbon hidden. If the user prefers to keep the ribbon visible (and it was visible when Excel was most recently used), then the Excel Application Scope will open files with the ribbon visible.

Pay attention to this detail when you set up the environment for your automations!


Great point Rad.

In regards to Emma’s issue, she may want to consider using Hotkeys to navigate to the specific pages in Excel instead of clicking on the ribbon.

For example, she could use Alt + F to open the File tab and then continue processing from there.


Great idea Cary! :smile:

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Hi @radfordb333

I am facing same issue, since when I try to open the excel normally it is not hiding the ribbon, when I start with UiPath its hiding the ribbon.
Any other solution you can suggest.