Open the excel file and enable content in File Option


Hi All,

Requirement :-
I have a macro enabled sheet , which have 2 -3 different macros.
My first step for the process is to open the excel sheet and click on enable macros (SC is below)
then perform next action accordingly.

Issue :- Not able to make the file visible on screen and click on Enable Content.

Tried :- Excel Application > Send Hot Key = ALT+FIN+Enter

Request help ASAP



Hi @hkjobs1988 ,

I have attached Screen shot and sample work flow file .

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Please change the Selectors Accordingly .

Coz my file and ur file will be different.

Project file is attached to give u an idea how to proceed further. (222.1 KB)

Extract it and create a Folder name Macro under UiPath folder in installation directory.

Paste the file and launch it