Open the excel file and enable content in File Option

Hi All,

Requirement :-
I have a macro enabled sheet , which have 2 -3 different macros.
My first step for the process is to open the excel sheet and click on enable macros (SC is below)
then perform next action accordingly.

Issue :- Not able to make the file visible on screen and click on Enable Content.

Tried :- Excel Application > Send Hot Key = ALT+FIN+Enter

Request help ASAP


Hi @hkjobs1988 ,

I have attached Screen shot and sample work flow file .

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Please change the Selectors Accordingly .

Coz my file and ur file will be different.

Project file is attached to give u an idea how to proceed further. (222.1 KB)

Extract it and create a Folder name Macro under UiPath folder in installation directory.

Paste the file and launch it

Open workbook activity is not displaying in activities panel.
so how to open an excel file

I follow below screen shot process. and didnt get the solution it is open but is not displaying.

how to drag a number count automatically in a excel file .
Please help me ASAP.