Automatic localization of a certain tab after opening an Excel file

How can I automate that UiPath studio goes to a certain tab after opening an Excel file? The user was asked beforehand which tab UiPath should go to. There are 8 tabs in the Excel file. Thank you!

Hi @Silvia_Keil
Welcome to the UiPath community!
There are two ways to do this, and it depends on how the robot interacts with Excel in your process.

  1. You may use integrated excel activities within Excel Application Scope. That way you can always provide the worksheet name on which to work.
  2. From your question, I get the sense you that the automation actually “opens” an Excel file in order to interact with it using the UI (user interface)?
    If that’s the case, you can add a click activity that clicks on the sheet by name. You can even configure it to dynamically find the worksheet based on a variable passed in at run time (in case your worksheet name isn’t fixed or may change in future)