Help With .xaml change of selector issues

Hi There All,

Please if someone could help with an issue I am having (See attached the .xaml)

The current build is failing due to a selector change.

The Page consists of a potential number of account IDs I need to store into the later assign, but now the selector has changed and not in a similar table fashion such as the xaml shows (ignore the errors), and the find children is not working the same way. I was hoping someone could help me with a solution to still find the children of the new page, it’s still in a similar fashion. Later in the process it iterates through the IDs so Ideally I would keep the tail end of the flow the same, but potentially a way of finding the Ids similarly.

Any thoughts or questions, please get in touch!

Seq1.xaml (9.2 KB)

hey @Kyleb91

just try to repair the selector couple of times from your webpage to get best possible dynamic selector
See if that works