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Hello, I just inserted the date and clicked search, and all these files were generated but i am trying to click download only for “ABP_VTU_Issuer_Approved_Txns_20201008.csv”. I have stored the name “ABP_VTU_Issuer_Approved_Txns” as a mnemonic . but what activity do i use to navigate through the results and select the file. the file could appear in a position ,
the Browser being used is chrome


Usually you will use a click activity, if you point it manually to the right one, what is the selector that is generated?


The problem with the click is that i am not sure if it can get dynamic positions…the name “ABP_VTU_Issuer_Approved_Txns_20201008.csv” could be the last file the next time

here is the selector when i click the file name html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘ExtraSwitch’ /
webctrl src=’/extraswitch/’ tag=‘FRAME’ /
webctrl id=‘reportsList’ tag=‘TABLE’ /
webctrl isleaf=‘1’ tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TD’ /

heres the selector when i click the download button by the side of the name
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘ExtraSwitch’ /
webctrl src=’/extraswitch/’ tag=‘FRAME’ /
webctrl tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘A’ /

sorry i had to exclude the tags “<”

Use UiExplorer to further inspect the webctrl tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘A’ tag, cause you should find something that will be related with the filename.

okay , this webctrl isleaf=‘1’ tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘ABP_VTU_Issuer_Approved_Txns_20201008.csv.csv’ /

webctrl isleaf='1' tag='TD' aaname='{varFileName}*'
as said by Matt, better remove the row as well.

wildcard on table row? as the results may be different.

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okay thank you , how do i direct it to click the download button by the side

well i thought you were giving us the selector of the download link already…

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I couldn’t find the a selector with the name of the file there

ok, then use an anchor activity with that selector to the left and point to the download link with a click activity in target.

Is the report Id unique to that report? Perhaps use same logic but instead of name of report it is the report id.

@bcorrea sorry i am lost here

@Matt_S where do i see the report ID, are you talking of the name

webctrl aaname=‘ABP_VTU_Issuer_Approved_Txns_20201008.csv.csv’ tableRow=‘2’ /
is there a way i could output the value of tableRow from the selector which is ‘2’ into a variable to store it…
i just noticed i could call this same row number in the download button to help locate the button…i.e webctrl tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘A’ aaname=‘Download’ /

You can use Get Attribute activity to get that.

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Okay I think this solved it, Thanks @bcorrea i used a get attribute to get the row number then i used the row number to click the appropriate download button… Thanks guys i am glad


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