Web Automation on Locked Content

Hi Guys,

So i have a requirement to download files from the web page daily. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into webpage
  2. Enter credentials
  3. Navigate to web link from where to download the file
  4. Search for record containing Name = “certain name” in the export history table
  5. Download by clicking on ‘Complete’

So I need to search for RDI Team with today’s date and check if status is completed. If both matches then I click complete and files get downloaded.

When i go to indicate element in web page it doesn’t select the elements I want but some random area. I know i can use Find element and other UI Automation activities but i am not able to select proper elements.
Can somebody help.


@ashishsinha1504 - welcome to community!
there could be a reason where the page is build on javascript/custom tags and those are not automation friendly.
to verify - pls navigate to the same page -? right click -> page view source ->
if you find custom html tags inside body with hiding/less the html code…

Hi @GBK,

I see in the body of the source page the script type is java script.

So does that I mean that I cant automate this process? Is there any workaround?


any chance to share the screenshot of the view source (body tag) ?

Its a very big body tag. What exactly can i provide you. Like something specific?

inside body - chk below page content

I hope this helps. Let me know

I really appreciate your quick response on my questions. Thanks so much @GBK

its a generic html - your selector will work fine… pls use uiexplorer and try to indicate the element …

Sorry @GBK. I tried using the UiExplorer but i am unable to select the elemets. The code I gave you is the table structure but I need to click to RDI Team Complete link which will download the file.