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Hello everyone, I would like to ask in the first video of Uipath Foundation " Video demo - Build your first process part 1 I find an excel table called UserData that I can not understand in the whole video in which part does the person who speaks adds this excel file as per later doing type into activity it gives me an error but in the video showed there is no error, means he added any activity related to this table somewhere.

Hi @Xheni_Xhensila ,

You have to use For Each row in datatable activity , it seems you are using For each activity

Hello Sam thank you for your replay. I am using For each row but the problem as per I see is that between the " " and the c character i was using an extra space. now i removed that space and it is working. thank u


Also the modern design type into should be used inside use application/browser activity

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Before for there will be a read range activity which reads data from the excel and the output of that will be dtuserdata which is then used in for each row activity

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Hello @Xheni_Xhensila ,

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You have to do as below.

1)use excel activity
2)Read range activity- so you will get the datatable
3)For each row in datatable activty
4)Inde that use TypeInto activity-> CurrentRow(“Columnname”).ToString

Columnname you need to replace with the column name in the excel.

You can also use index also:

if first column then, CurrentRow(0).ToString

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