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Hi. I have a txt file and want to save the different contact-data into variables. But cant get the pattern right to extract lets say “John Bill” as Firstname

(I´m a total beginner, I´m only getting “<![CDATA[John Bill]]”)


I guess there´s a better way (some sort of array?) then doing it field for field but I´m trying to learn.


To learn Regex, I suggest to visit below post

Hope this helps you



Hi @Zlotzky

Can u share the text which nees to be extracted so.that we can help with regex pattern


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Kontaktuppgifter.txt (583 Bytes)
Attached the txt file. I want to extract and store firstname = John Bill and lastname = Doe Hillside and so on.

U can try the regex pattern to get first name

(?<=<![CDATA[)[A-Z a-z \s]+

To get the last name u can use

(?<=<![CDATA[)[A-Z a-z \s]+

Hope it helps you


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Check this below workflow, @Zlotzky
Uipath_ExtractionUsingRegex.xaml (4.5 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

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