Regex matches help required

Hi all,

I have a issue with regex, need help to crack it.

I have a Text file where the data is like below

2345 4343 7675
2468 5567 3345

I write a regex to match the number and it is matching all, but my problem is i need to assign a variable

a={2345,2468,.,.}, b={4343,5567,.,.}, c={7675,3345,.,.}

Please suggest the approach, if possible please share xaml file.


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Upload sample input file .
And also expected output that how it should appear with respect to the input.

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It’s seem structure format…convert into datatable first then you can get the values easily… but before that send same input and output also.


Hi @syedabidraza & @arivu96

Here the sample input, But the input is coming from the mail body. I am unable to attach text file due to uipath extension restrictions. But can you please make a txt file and copy the
2345 4343 7675
2468 5567 3345
where Bill number, Reference No, Product Code are there. I am using regex matches for extracting the matched pattern. So it is IEnumerable Collection.

As these digits are same in pattern

Output required is i need to assign the values
2345, 2468 to a Bill number Variable,
4343, 5567 to reference Code Variable,
7675, 3345 to Product code variable.

and the input is not same, some time we get one set of Bill number, Reference No, Product Code or more.

Thanks for your help.