Selectors using UiExplorer

Hello Everyone,

I am facing a problem with the XML code generated with UiExplorer. When I try to point to certain element on this web page using the selector code generated from UiExplorer.

it fetches the values from the web page in current window, though the open browser activity opens a new window and points to the same web page.

If I do the same thing with anchor base activity the sequence works as expected.

Can anyone suggest where am I going wrong?


Hi @Pavan_Hebli

Can you share the selector which you are using to fetch the values?

If you are getting the old values, then we need to make selectors to dynamic, so share the selector


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<html app='chrome.exe' title='Fake Person/Name Generator | User Identity, Account and Profile Generator' /> <webctrl aaname='random user avatar|face' tag='IMG' /> <nav up='2' /> <webctrl tag='B' />


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Can you share your workflow folder


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@Pavan_Hebli share your workflow

Generate Random Names from website.xaml (12.9 KB)

@Vrushali_Gave @Srini84


I don’t see any problem with your flow,

If you already opened the website and uipath try to open the same site it is giving you issue?

you can place the kill process before opening the new web page

Hope this will sorts your problem


No it does not give any error.

The problem is:
I have a web page opened in the a window.
when I run the workflow it opens another window and opens the same web page.

  1. when I read a value of a certain element with anchor base activity the workflow runs as expected.
  2. when I do the same with pasting the selector from UiExplorer it opens a new window but this time it fetches the values from the web page in the earlier window (the one not generated by workflow). If I refresh the window, the element will have new values and now these values will be fetched. hence I concluded the workflow is pointing to that window and not giving out any static value.